Why Pokimane Was Banned From Twitch

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The most popular female streamer on Twitch, Pokimane has been handed a DMCA strike for watching Avatar: The Last Airbender on her live stream.

Certain content cannot be shared during a live stream for the nature of the copyright laws surrounding them, given other platforms/production houses do not approve of any unauthorized broadcast of their material. Such content is protected under DMCA that prevents any unauthorized use and is punishable if violated.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the most popular anime series’ of all time and for it to be covered under such regulations is nothing of a surprise. It is okay to stream snippets from most shows given there are already numerous clips out there but to stream, the entire thing takes another level of authorization which a veteran like Pokimane should have known.

Being careless, she has managed to land a 48-hour ban on herself, as streaming a show of that stature will land a DMCA takedown, which goes without saying. Pokimane was aware of the possibility of a ban which she tried to evade by mirroring the show but not to anyone’s surprise, it miserably failed.

48 hours may seem long and will cost Pokimane some money, having to miss out on the opportunity to stream for two days, but she will definitely come out wiser when the ban is over.

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