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Twitch Streamer Finds Paper Balls Inside KFC Burger

IRL Twitch streamer who goes by the name Hazunats has found trash in her burger that she ordered during her IRL streams from Germany and found “trash” which was later revealed to be crushed receipts.

Everyone’s favourite fried chicken outlet KFC has made the headlines once again for all the wrong reasons. Customers across the globe have been complaining about the drop in quality of food and the consistency in taste that made their brand grow seems to fading. In one of their more extreme debacles, a KFC outlet has left “trash” in the burger of a Twitch streamer during her live stream.

Earlier in her most recent stream, Hazu stopped by a KFC outlet where she ordered a Burger among other things. Halfway into eating the burger, she found something uncanny in it. Open further investigation, she found it to be a ball of paper, a crushed receipt that was left in the burger.

Hazu said, “I got trash from the burger. Just give me a second. I’m trying to calm down here. Yeah, it’s real!”

“I think it’s a revenge thing because I asked them to remake it,” Hazu said.

The manager did not acknowledge her claims but did offer her a new burger which she rejected and threatened to write an email to upper management about this misconduct.

She has not opened up about this any further but only time can tell what happens to KFC outlet and whether this will get the company to improve their quality of service further down the line.

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