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Twitch CEO’s Partnership Program Application Gets Rejected

TwitchCon 2023, held in Las Vegas, was a grand affair with thousands of fans and streamers in attendance. Dan Clancy, the CEO of Twitch, was present to unveil several new changes to the platform. Among the most significant was the allowance for streamers to broadcast on multiple platforms simultaneously.

While Clancy was prepared to make several announcements, one he likely hadn’t anticipated was his own rejection from Twitch’s partnership program. Sharing his experience on Twitter, Clancy revealed that his application to become a partnered streamer was denied. His tweet read, “For anyone that got denied being a partner from Twitch don’t feel so bad. Just got my Partner application denied. Did not tell anyone I was applying.”

Reasons Behind the Denial

The email from Twitch to Clancy highlighted the inconsistency in his viewership as the primary reason for the rejection. It stated, “Your recent viewership has been fluctuating significantly, and we are looking for consistency rather than occasional spikes in viewership.”

Despite his demanding role as CEO, Clancy often finds time to stream. His sessions are not just about gameplay but also provide insights into the platform, answering viewer queries about the broadcasting service. Moreover, fans have been pleasantly surprised by Clancy’s musical prowess, showcasing his skills with various instruments.

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