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Sykkuno Opens Up About Being Catfished by His First Online Girlfriend

Popular streamer Sykkuno has revealed that his first girlfriend, whom he met through a video game turned out to be a man.

Getting catfished can be embarrassing and heartbreaking at the same time. Sykkuno, recently shared details about his initial experience with an online relationship and discussed his expectations not being met during a conversation with Fuslie and Blaustoise on a recent stream.

He said: “I had one and it turned out it was a guy. Well, you didn’t have to laugh, okay? So, I had one that I thought. It turns out it was a guy. And I’m gonna be honest, when I found out it was a guy, I was so shocked that I was like I’m gonna just play it cool. I’m just gonna pretend we’re friends anyway and I’m totally cool with it.”

Later Skykkuno revealed that the person who catfished him came clean but he was in denial as the streamer kept buying presents for him post revelation. It took him some time to realise his mistake before he completely cut off the person in question.

All this looks hilarious if no harm is done but catfishing is a serious crime and young minds can easily fall for it. We urge all our readers to be careful of the people they met online as they might not have your best interests in mind.

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