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Pokimane’s Myna Snacks responds to claims suggesting they copied competitors

Pokimane’s fans went wild when she launched her new company Myna Snacks with their first product being a cookie which they claim to be a “healthy snack” but the streaming community were swift to find its uncanny resemblance with another product that has been selling at Costco for around a year, giving rise to claims that Pokimane and her business partner copied the idea.

Pokimane launched Myna Snacks with Darcey Macken, a food industry veteran with 15 years of experience. She teased her new venture about a week ago and it wasn’t until 13th November we found out that it was going to be a food company. Their first product was the cookies which everyone besides her fans quickly dismissed for its high price. Within 24 hours of its launch, the community quickly pointed out how similar her product was to a cookie brand that has been on the shelves at Costco for some time now leading to severe backlash.

According to a report by Dexerto, one of the officials at Myna Snacks reached out with the following statement:

 “Our product formulation is unique to Myna and exclusive to us. We can confirm the Midnight Mini Cookies were in development for two years. This process included many rounds of testing and ingredient changes.”

The product that they allegedly ripped off is from Creations Foods called Midnight Cookies. Looking at the nutritional information, it was pointed out how both the cookies share most of the ingredients and it’s hard to tell the two apart from the chart alone except for the fact Myna uses Mushroom powder in their cookies.

“Pokimane’s new product is apparently just a rebranded ‘Toatzy midnight mini cookie’ which she sells for three times the price. The only difference between the cookies is vitamin D3. $28 vs $9.99 for 400g. Scam?” one fan wrote.

Fans went as far as to label this as a “cash grab attempt” while others harped on the fact that his was just rebranding of Midnight Cookies however, the key issue is that Myna Snacks is charging 3 times the price coming in at $28 for a 4-pack, $56 for an 8-pack, and $84 for a 12-pack.

Pokimane being the face of the brand is yet to respond and until then we can hold our horses to see where this controversy is headed.

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