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Pokimane speaks up about gender biases in the streaming industry

Pokimane wants the community to be "empathetic" towards each other and stop discriminating based on genders.

If you’re familiar with the streaming platform Twitch, chances are that you’re familiar with Pokimane. Imane “Pokimane” Anys is a renowned internet personality and a full-time streamer who is currently ranked the 7th most popular channel on Twitch with over 5 million followers.

Recently, the streamer has resorted to Twitter so speak up her mind regarding the varying mindsets of people on male and female streamers and the prevalent gender “biases” in the industry.

The initial tweet of Pokimane aimed to show her views on how men and women are treated differently in the streaming industry. Her tweet said, “In this industry, a girl fucks up: what a fake bitch, such a worthless piece of shit, also go die in a hole. A guy fucks up: omg king don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes, we know you have a good heart and will be here for you forever.”


She explained in a follow-up tweet that the reason behind these biases might lie in the fact that the industry is primarily male dominated.  “It sucks because I can understand why,” she said. “Guys have an easier time relating to guys, and girls to girls, so if a community is male-dominated, there’s bound to be biased. But I hope that in this day and age, we can learn to be both fair and empathetic with others regardless of this.”


Replying to a comment on the tweet, Pokimane further said, “it’s obviously a generalization of what usually happens in majority male industries. not tryna be like ‘eff all men’, i’m just stating what i’ve generally observed being in this scene for 7 years.”


While replying to another one of the comments, Pokimane mentioned that the scene is currently at a much better place than what it was ten years ago and acknowledged that not everyone in the scene has the same mindset.


Although it’s still unclear if her posts were targeted towards anyone in particular, the tweet, which stands at over 30k likes at the time of writing, is surely making people think about the current condition of the streaming scene.

Sonu Banerjee
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