Pokimane Panics As Apple Watch Notification Pops Up During Livestream


During one of her recent livestreams, Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys found herself panicking as a notification popped up on her Apple Watch.

Pokimane was in the middle of browsing through a Spotify playlist and reading out the names of its songs to her chat on her November 27 livestream, when a sudden notification from her Apple Watch sent her into a frenzy.

Fearing that the Apple Watch might be leaking her sensitive information, the 26-year-old was swift to silence it.

“Shut the f**k up, please!” Pokimane exclaimed. “That scared me so much!”

Pokimane then proceeded to explain the reason behind her reaction.

“That was my Apple Watch! Who the f**k asked you?” she said. “Stuff like this, like, it frightens me so intensely, because… like, you know how people sometimes try to trick your Alexa and stuff just to say your address? It freaks me out.”

Previously, we have seen several big streamers getting their home addresses or other sensitive details leaked in the same manner.

Fortunately, Pokimane was quick enough to shut her Apple Watch down and no personal details of hers were leaked by the device in this incident. 

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