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Pokimane Denies Rebranding Cookies Amidst Fan Backlash

On the 13th of November, popular streamer Pokimane announced that she is launching her healthy snack brand Myna Snacks and their first product is cookies.

The community was quick to hype up Pokimane’s venture but soon allegations surfaced suggesting she rebranded a product that has been available at Costco for over a year. Myna Snacks along with Pokimane faced tons of backlash given her cookies resembled Midnight cookies and that they also have their brand built around calling themselves a healthy snack option.

Pokimane has finally opened up and defended her brand against all the allegations claiming that her product has been under development for a long time and even though the ingredients look similar to Toatzy, the quality, ratio, sourcing, and texture are of superior quality and the added Vitamins are one of the causes for the staggering price difference.

“We own our formula,” said Pokimane. “The cookies they are being compared to were also made by our manufacturer, Creation Foods, which specializes in healthy food. The compared cookies had one test batch sold before they were retired. Months later, we partnered with Creation Foods and fell in love with the flavor profile of the Midnight Cookie.”

“While the ingredients list may look similar, they are entirely different in terms of ingredient quality, quantity/ratios, sourcing, the size/texture of the cookie, and of course the added Vitamin D.”

While fans claimed that the two products are extremely identical, Myna is priced at a premium which is 3 times as expensive as their competitor. Pokimane revealed that the price is appropriate given the quality of their manufacturing process starting from sourcing to packaging and all the proceeds will go back into making more quality products.

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