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Pokimane accused of doing drugs

The biggest female streamer on Twitch, Pokimane has been accused of using drugs and controlled substances on live stream after old clips go viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Pokimane was once again thrown into the spotlight after freshly minted Twitch partner Jidion hate raided her, where his fans spammed “L+Ratio” in her chat, followed by messaging her audience to create discord.

Just when this incident blew up, a Twitter user accused Pokimane of using drugs and controlled substances on a live stream which she strictly denied. Later she took to Twitter to address the rumors. Soon after she made her profile private, in light of the several users attacking her on the platform.

pokimane tweet about drug use

“I truly cannot believe I have to say this. But no, I don’t do coke or any drugs for that matter. I’ve never even done a drinking stream, y’all.

“The Olympic level reach could get cold metals tbh.” she said.

 Pokimane once opened Japanese-based loot boxes in one of her streams, where there was sugar that was put in lines, similar to how addicts arrange coke. This clip from ages ago was misinterpreted by many and she was subjected to unnecessary hate.

Pokimane getting banned for a day while other creators getting monthlong bans may be one reason behind why she has been getting so much hate in light of the recent DMCA takedowns.

Twitch is yet to post a statement addressing the situation but when do they ever!

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