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Organisers deny Sidemen ringside seats for KSI vs Tommy Fury boxing match

The KSI vs. Tommy Fury boxing match has been one of the most highly anticipated matches in recent times and now the date has been fixed for October 18th.

Sideman has rooted for KSI in every fight he has had over the years however they have confirmed that for the PRIME Card fight, they will not be by his side against Tommy Fury. The Sidemen had been his great source of motivation for KSI in the ring, and unfortunately, he will be missing them this time around in what is presumed to be one of the toughest fights in his career.

“We’re in a box,” Miniminter revealed. “We’re not allowed our seats by the ringside, unfortunately,” Zerkaa added. “We’ve been demoted as KSI’s friends.

In the latest episode of Sidecast Podcast, the members of Sidemen confirmed that they were unable to get ringside seats and had to occupy somewhere else in the area far from the ring. Apparently, the YouTube group’s fame was just reduced to “KSI’s friends” and their request for ringside seats was denied.

They further revealed that KSI was unable to help them as it wasn’t down to him. Behzinga in particular believes that the organisers find more value in selling those tickets than in giving them away to the Sidemen and as a result, their request was denied.

“Not JJ, just to clear that up. Not JJ.” they confirmed, affirming KSI was unable to get them the seats.

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