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Offset disappointed with Kai Cenat as blindfold challenge goes wrong

Kai Cenat in his latest video with rapper Offset for a blindfolded “guess what’s in the box” challenge, which caused the rapper to be disappointed in him.

Offset made a guest appearance on one of Kai’s recent Twitch streams to participate in a round of “What’s in the Box?” Where Offset is supposed to insert their hand into a container without seeing its contents. Suffice it to say that the challenge starts off easy but ends up with the box getting filled with gross and disgusting things from objects to dangerous animals.

While Kai made Offset put his hand into the box with two white mice. While Offset was caught off guard, when Kai’s turn came, the moderators made him touch a hive of bees in the box. Both of them were equally freaked out when the blindfolds were taken off.

We can’t tell if the former Migo enjoyed the challenge but it was fun for the audience. As blindfold challenges keep becoming more popular among content creators, they look to find crazier things to put in the box and with every passing video, they tend to get more and more gross.

After this video is published, it is unlikely that anyone will take up Kai Cenat for this challenge again in a long long time.

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