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Kick Streamer Natalie Reynolds Accused of “Scamming” Employee

Did Twitch streamer Natalie Reynolds scam her crew after a prank gone wrong?

Streamer Natalie Reynolds has once again found herself on the news for all the wrong reasons.

Natalie Reynolds doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to keeping promises and one of the former associates has revealed how he was scammed by her following one of their adventures going sideways that ended up with him getting nabbed by the cops.

The crew planned to drive around in a van painted with “free candy” much like in GTA but it caught the attention of the cops before they managed to shoot any content. Once arrested, the crew got locked up upon which Reynolds promised to cover legal fees only to back out last second as revealed by Josiah Banks.

“Promised $4,700 a month and all legal fees covered. Time it came to legal fees? We’re locked up, she doesn’t pay.” said Joshiah Banks.

“She didn’t even do that in my best interest to help me out, they did it to protect her. So she could protect herself,” Josiah insisted. “I thought they were helping me out.”

He further pointed out how she tried to get her dad involved to defend Banks but all she was doing was looking out for herself by preventing him to testify against her. $4700 worth of legal fees was also cut from his salary Reylonds promising to pay it.

Natalie has defended herself and turned down all the allegations and now only time will tell what becomes of this drama.

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