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MrBeast’s arrest turns out to be a prank by another YouTuber

MrBeast makes some of the craziest videos that we have ever seen on YouTube and in the past, we have seen YouTubers get arrested for elaborate pranks and he seemed to have joined the said list until it was revealed to be a prank by YouTuber Airrack.

MrBeast is the most subscribed YouTube channel that there is, beating PewDiePie last year which makes it normal to be on the receiving end of pranks by other YouTubers. Airrack being a popular prankster made sure that Mr Beast was as convinced by it as he could be.

The elaborate prank involved Airrack posing as an undercover police officer who apprehended MrBeast for a fictitious crime. The plan aimed to test MrBeast’s reaction and capture his genuine response on camera, all in the name of entertaining their audience. However, what was meant to be a harmless and thrilling stunt took an unforeseen twist.

“I thought it was real,” said MrBeast. “And then I was like, this might be a prank. I was like, this is a lot of resources for a prank. When I got in there I was like, okay wait. Maybe this isn’t a prank.”

Airrack being a popular prankster pulled out all the stops till the point, Dolandson was placed in a holding cell with no food or water and when he was allowed a phone call, Airrack on the other end revealed it to him.

MrBeast was super convinced and it wasn’t until the last moment that he felt relieved when he found out it was a prank which begs the question if he has already started planning for a revenge prank.

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