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Mizkif signs streaming deal with Rumble

Mizkif has signed a streaming agreement with Rumble, a platform that has silently grown in recent times. As more and more rivals are popping up, Twitch is losing its biggest names as creators are finding better deals with the likes of Rumble and Kick.

Twitch, once remained uncontested in the video game streaming industry outlasted rivals like Facebook Gaming and Mixer but new challenges in the shape of Rumble and Kick have surfaced and they are taking away the big names one by one.

Popular creators like JiDion and Akademiks joining its ranks recently and more creators are undoubtedly on the way. The announcement of Mizkif’s departure came on the 28th during his live stream on Twitch where he announced that moving forward, he will be streaming on Rumble and the deal was announced just the day after from both parties.

“Basically, I will be, twice a week, or for a few hours, and that’s it, I will be streaming on Rumble” “It won’t take away from Twitch at all, it basically is going to add time on Twitch,” “Basically my alt-stream, syn4ack, is now going to be on Rumble, that’s it,” which means his regular Twitch timings will be the same but his alt streams will be on Rumble.

According to Mizkif, the website is strictly gaming oriented and unlike Twitch they do not house other categories. Mizkif found this to be aligned with his interest and reached a deal to stream there. The specifics of the deal were not revealed but one can assume that he gets significant economic benefits.

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