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Kyedae has successfully completed her chemotherapy

Popular Valorant content creator Kyedae has confirmed that chemotherapy has successfully concluded after getting diagnosed with Myeloid Leukemia back in March.

Kyedae is an extremely popular personality in the Valorant space and the news of her getting diagnosed with cancer sent shockwaves through the community. She later confirmed that she has to undergo chemotherapy as a part of her treatment which is presumed to have disturbing side-effects and now she has confirmed that she is out of the treatment.

In her latest stream, she broke the good news to everyone and rightfully so her comment section was flooded with best wishes. She further explained how the completion of the chemotherapy has led to positive changes in her health.

“I am officially off of chemotherapy now,” she said. “It is something that, before I wanted to share with you guys, I wanted to make sure 100% that it was done and over with. It does not mean that all of my treatment is done yet, but for now, my hair has started to grow back.”

“My nails have been growing a little bit, too, and I’m so happy. I’m really happy.”

She indicated that the chemo ended some time ago but she waited for complete confirmation before breaking the news to her fans. She added that there are still parts of her treatment which is left but the effects of the chemo like hair loss have started to fade and regrowth of her nails.

Despite her health condition, she continued to stream for her fans though the deterioration of her health was readily apparent however, anyone could tell the excitement she had when she revealed she was done with chemo. This concludes a major milestone in her fight against cancer are we are happy to know she is coming out ahead on every one of it.

We wish Kyedae a speedy recovery and all the best for her future.

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