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Kick Is Introducing This Popular Twitch Feature

Is Kick the Future of Live Streaming?

Kick has grown into a real competitor for Twitch and over time has implemented features that have helped it compete against the Amazon-owned streaming platform some of which have been directly borrowed from the purple side.

To compete against Twitch, Kick’s strategy has been to specifically take the issues that streamers are facing with Twitch and tailor it to favor them instead. As Kick has continued to grow, they have pulled the biggest names from Twitch who are now in exclusive contracts with Kick.

Building up to the Kick 2.0 launch, the developers have made several changes to the platform including the introduction of several features that will make the experience more engaging for the audience one of which being their version of Channel Points.

“I’ve been pushing very hard, like to a level of harassment, to get channel points done,” said co-founder Trainwrecks. “At this point, I don’t think we give a f**k if it’s ugly and half-assed if we can just get some variance of it, something just to have viewers track their watch time, how many points they have.”

Channel Points are acquired by watching a streamer for long hours. More hours engaged with a particular streamer would translate into more channel points which lets you access specific features in his/her stream. An indirect result of this would be to engage viewers for longer hours.

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