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Kick Surprises Users by Rolling Out Highly-Requested Feature

The recent platform update from Kick has sent shockwaves through the streaming community. Users were pleasantly surprised when they discovered that Kick had not only addressed their long-standing requests but had also done so ahead of Twitch namely, “Chat replay on VODs and Clips” and “Download button for clips”.

Kick’s decision to prioritize user requests and swiftly implement a feature that resonates with its community highlights its commitment to providing a user-centric platform. By actively listening to feedback and acting upon it, Kick is demonstrating a level of responsiveness that is bound to solidify its position as a platform that values its users’ voices and preferences.

Chat replay on VODs and a download button for clips were highly requested features even before Kick came into the picture which begs the question of why was such a useful feature not introduced by Twitch which eventually saw them get beaten to it by Kick.

Kick’s strategic decision to introduce a highly-requested feature before Twitch has ignited a fervour of excitement within the streaming community. This move underscores the significance of user feedback and highlights the potential for smaller platforms to disrupt the status quo.

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