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Kick CEO Says No to Additional Gambling Content

Kick CEO Eddie Craven announced that the streaming site is undergoing a new update that will reduce the exposure gambling streams are getting all over the internet. Gambling content was a topic of debate ever since it took over streams on Twitch.

When Trainwreck launched Kick, everyone was worried that it may not achieve the goals it set out to achieve. The community at the time assumed that gambling streams would take over the platform given its deep connection to the same. The platform is co-owned and operated by Stake, a crypto gambling website however, the latest announcement from Kick CEO might help users get some insight.

In a recent Tweet, Craven declared that the platform will be implementing changes that will see them take away all the unnecessary exposure that the gambling streams are getting.

“We’re rolling out some extra view count protection on Kick. This should help combat view count manipulation. It will also help solve some issues surrounding follow/chatbots,” he said.

“Rest assured, the community is still growing and we’re staying committed to ensuring we maintain a fair landscape for creators. The main problem being solved here is in relation to ‘Tabbing’ and the abuse that came with that. Some further protections have also been included.”

All the changes mentioned by Craven are welcome changes and will help the fundamental neutrality of the platform. It is clear that the platform is focusing on its user experience and its a step in the right direction if they are to take down Twitch.

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