IShowSpeed visits Mosque for first time in his life

Following the controversies surrounding IShowSpeed, the YouTuber has been able to tick a huge thing off his bucket list during a visit to UAE. Darren Watkins Jr., better known by his online alias IShowSpeed was able to live stream his visit to Mosque.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which happens to be UAE’s largest mosque was visited by Speed. It isn’t very old and is one of the most marvellous mosques in the world and rightfully so he was left amazed but its beauty.

Speed has been one of the most popular internet personalities and planned a visit to the world cup given his close association with football. While in Qatar, he took out the time to visit UAE where was able to achieve this feat.

“I just feel white birds, water, peace, capacity, and fortunate.” he said. “Yo, I’m starting to trip bro. This is crazy bro. No, I’m tripping bro. This crazy, it’s like, the colors of it like, I don’t know, like, I’m starting to like tweak.” he added.

“It feels like, I’m feeling something, promise you like, Wallahi, I promise you. Like god, it’s just like, looks crazy…it just looks like, god man!”.

Popular UAE personality, Rashed aka Money Kicks was with him on this adventure and suffice it to say the pair enjoyed it through and through. The live stream was highly appreciated by his fans and the streams. Looking at the support, he might continue streaming similar content in the future.

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