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IShowSpeed stopped by the military from streaming North Korean border

During a recent IRL stream, IShowSpeed attempted to visit North Korea and revealed that he was approached by North Korean military personnel.

During an IRL stream on May 14, 2024, the YouTuber took his viewers to South Korea, but when at the Unification Village, which is a location where the Korean military from both the North and South Korea meets for peace talks, he ran into some difficulties. When Speed and his group attempted to set up his IRL stream while in the area, military personnel approached them and grabbed his gears.

“I went to go to North Korea, right?” he said. “I tried to bring my LiveU and stream and stuff. They took my LiveU, they took my stream.”

Once stopped by the military, Speed and his friends went on to show the nightlife of South Korea. North Korea has always been a politically challenged area and visitors are strictly restricted to certain areas of the country and only with a guide and violating their policies could result in a debacle for the tourists.

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