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Forsen Banned for Watching “Dubious” AI VTuber Content

Twitch is a popular platform for streamers around the world to connect with their fans and share their content. However, the platform has strict guidelines and policies that must be adhered to, and any violation of these guidelines can result in disciplinary action or even a ban from the platform. Recently, a popular Twitch streamer named Forsen revealed that his Twitch ban was for watching “dubious” AI VTuber content.

Forsen is a popular Swedish streamer who has been active on Twitch for many years. He is known for his engaging personality and entertaining streams, which have earned him a large following of loyal fans. However, in late 2020, Forsen was banned from the platform for an undisclosed reason.

It was only recently that Forsen revealed the reason for his ban. He stated that his ban was due to his watching of “dubious” AI VTuber content, which had violated Twitch’s terms of service. While Forsen did not go into detail about the content he had been watching, it is clear that it had been deemed inappropriate by Twitch.

“I’m banned cause of the dubious ASMR youtube video for 1 week. Unlucky,” said Forsen.

Forsen’s ban highlights the importance of adhering to Twitch’s guidelines and policies. The platform has strict rules in place to ensure that all content is appropriate and safe for viewers, and any violation of these rules can result in disciplinary action. While it can be tempting to push the boundaries of what is acceptable on the platform, it is important for streamers to remember that they are responsible for the content they produce and share with their fans.

The incident also highlights the role of AI in the world of streaming. AI VTubers are becoming increasingly popular, with many content creators using them as a way to engage with their fans and create entertaining content.

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