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Elon Musk calls out Mark Zuckerberg in the latest Joe Rogan podcast

Duking out in the ring has become the trend to settle all feuds and the Musk vs Zuck fight has been one of the highly anticipated matches that never materialised leaving fans disappointed.

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, two of the richest men in the world caught everyone by surprise when they showed their willingness to settle their differences in the ring. Both parties over recent years have been subjected to a plethora of memes and suffice it to say they have taken to pop culture considerably better than most in their position.

The Musk v Zuck fight came close to happening once before as both parties were very open about their ongoing preparation but nothing serious materialized however in the latest episode of the Joe Rogan podcast, Elon opened up about how he would like for the fight to happen and he is willing to take a swing “anytime, anywhere.”.

Elon further explained how he was willing to fight Mark Zuckerberg under any circumstances but both camps have major differences in opinions which has prevented the fight from happening. Musk’s eagerness to host the fight in Italy’s Colosseum has led Zuckerberg to believe he wasn’t serious given the historical importance of the location. Still, Musk believes that the Meta CEO “pulled out” himself which led to the fight getting canceled.

Musk has been very confident in taking on Mark Zuckerberg throughout the podcast and has opened himself to a fight under any circumstances. This has paved the way for Zuckerberg to come out and accept the challenge yet again and hopefully, they reach an accord to host the fight soon.

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