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DrDisrespect will stream on Twitter/X if Elon Musk does this

DrDisrespect is one of the most recognised streamers in the world and has remained a very influential personality for his energetic and eccentric personality along with games skills that have helped him stand out from the crowd.

DrDisrepect set up shop on YouTube since leaving Twitch and there have been speculations that suggest that he is on his way to up-and-coming platform Kick for a $50 Million deal. Kick has been actively roping in streamers and suffice it to say this strategy of theirs is paying off.

Elon Musk has been making several changes since taking over Twitter and recently he announced his plans to start a live streaming service within it now that there are several top-notch streaming services around, it will be difficult to acquire popular streamers to help build something significant.

Doc shared his opinion when the topic crossed his chat, “If Elon showed up at the La Casa via his brand-new Tesla truck and says, ‘Doc, you’re the best at what you do’ — which is… Elon, duh. Duh, Elon. I know I’m the best at what I do.”

“If he were to approach me with, ‘Hey, let’s build this platform, let’s get some — I want streaming to be taken to the next level.’ ’cause that’s what we do, we take things to the next level. We always have, and we always will. …as of right now, I’d be yes. Let’s do it. As of right now.”

As long as there is no word of confirmation that Elon Musk will start a streaming service within X, all of this counts as nothing but make-believe but if we see something being materialised then it holds the potential to shake up the streaming industry.

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