Disguised Toast reveals his esports ventures’ massive loss

Disguised Toast esports venture

Popular streamer Jeremy Wang aka “Disguised Toast,” has recently revealed the economic losses he incurred from the world of esports, following starting a professional organization.

The renowned content creator, who gained recognition for his Among Us gameplay and other puzzle titles, has embarked on this esports journey, and after being involved in the esports scene for several months, his organization called DSG, is facing significant financial losses.

Disguised Toast recently ventured into the second division VCT competition and signed the likes of Jacob “yay” Whittaker and managed to build a team around it but success hasn’t come their way as much as they expected.

While these investments weren’t made to be profitable this soon but Disguised Toast has now made a shocking disclosure. He revealed that his esports ventures have been projected to result in a net loss of approximately $992,350 by the end of 2023.

“If you guys see an increase in sponsored posts from me these next few months, it’s because I’ve literally said yes to every opportunity since each deal keeps DSG alive for another month,” he said.

These losses are certainly a major setback but that doesn’t look to have demotivated Toast from moving forward with his organization and with more tournaments lining up, it is only a matter of time before he sees success.

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