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Who is Mellstroy? Kick Streamer Linked to Champions League Pitch Invasion

Did a Kick Streamer Incite a Pitch Invasion at Wembley Stadium?

The Champions League final at Wembley Stadium was disrupted by a brazen pitch invasion, which has now been linked to a staggering £300,000 challenge posed by a controversial social media influencer known as Mellstroy. Here’s what unfolded during one of football’s most prestigious events.

Mellstroy’s Audacious £300k Offer

Andrey Burim, better known by his online alias Mellstroy, is a 25-year-old vlogger and streamer from Belarus who gained notoriety after reportedly offering a hefty £300,000 prize to anyone who could successfully invade the pitch during the Champions League final while wearing a shirt with his name. This dare, which was broadcasted across his social media platforms, where he enjoys a substantial following, particularly on Kick and Instagram, seems to have been the catalyst for the incident.

The Disruption at Wembley

A pitch invader, wearing a t-shirt which reads ‘MELLSTROY’, is seen during the UEFA Champions League final (Image: Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)

The match, which saw Real Madrid clinch a record-extending 15th European Cup with a 2-0 victory over Dortmund, was halted just 30 seconds after kickoff due to the intrusion of three individuals donning shirts emblazoned with ‘MELLSTROY’. The invaders’ actions led to a two-minute pause in play, much to the dismay of fans and officials alike.

The Aftermath and Arrests

Wembley Stadium’s spokesperson announced at half-time that all pitch invaders had been detained. Furthermore, the Metropolitan Police later reported a total of 53 arrests related to the final, with a handful specifically for the pitch invasion and the majority for attempts to breach stadium security.

Security Concerns and Criticism

The incident has sparked an investigation into the security measures at Wembley, especially considering the significant investment made to prevent such breaches following past events. The ‘ring of steel’ operation, which cost around £5 million, was called into question as the pitch invasion occurred despite the heightened security presence.

Who is Mellstroy?

Mellstroy’s influence as a streamer began in 2015 after he left college, with a focus on gaming content, particularly Minecraft. His online presence has grown significantly, with over 470,000 followers on Kick and more than three million on Instagram, showcasing his reach and potential impact on his audience.

The actions of the pitch invaders and the alleged incentivization by Mellstroy raise serious legal and ethical questions. Wembley Stadium officials and the Metropolitan Police have condemned the stunt, emphasizing the illegality of entering the field of play and the commitment to support authorities in taking appropriate action.

The Champions League final pitch invasion, allegedly motivated by Mellstroy’s lucrative challenge, has highlighted the powerful influence of social media personalities and the potential consequences of their actions. As the football community reflects on the incident, the focus will likely shift to ensuring such disruptions are prevented in the future, safeguarding the integrity of the sport and the safety of all involved.

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