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Andrew Tate taken to hospital before court hearing

The news of Andrew Tate and his compatriots getting arrested in Armenia has flooded the internet. With no shortage of memes and trolls, the haters that Tate has garnered with his controversial statements and acts are having a field day.

For those unaware, Tate and his brother along with a few individuals have been arrested by authorities in Romania for sexual harassment, human trafficking and organized crime and suffice it to say that the news spread like wildfire. While Tate being involved in controversial activities wasn’t a surprise to anyone but the sheer magnitude of it shocked the world.

However, Andrew Tate has constantly spoken about a Matrix which is looking to take him down. According to popular belief, The Matrix is an all-powerful shadow organisation much like Illuminati that is feared by the superpowers and Tate doing something against their wishes has put him where he is.

According to reports, Tate was taken to a hospital two days before the court hearing because he has developed a lung nodule and claims have surfaced that the Matrix is behind this. As of now, he is in professional healthcare facilities and tests are being conducted to see if it is a cancerous growth.

Tate still believes that this was an act of Matrix to terminate him but failed. While Tate still preaches about the existence of a superpower there is no concrete evidence to support his claims which have led to the community having mixed opinions on this.

The investigation will continue and as of now, Tate is far from a free man which makes the coming days extremely crucial for his fate.

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