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Adin Ross believes the Prime Card match is scripted

During his latest stream, popular streamer Adin Ross revealed that he believes the ongoing drama between Jake Paul and KSI is part of a “script” that will lead to Logan and Jake fighting and eventually making millions off the hype that it will generate.

For those unaware, the Prime Card is set to take place in the coming days where we will see PRIME founders Logan Paul and KSI get into the ring as they fight fellow influencers Tommy Fury and Dillon Danis. The match will feature the biggest internet celebrities of our time and fans are just as excited to see them go head-to-head.

Adin Ross who stays on top of everything happening on the internet has opened up about his views on this fight. He has a hot take on this which many might disagree with.

Adin Ross said: “Can I be honest with you? I think all this sh*t is f*cking rigged. I think you and Jake don’t really have beef, you guys are going to fight, it’s going to be the biggest fight of all time, then Logan is going to get mad, and Logan and Jake are going to fight, the end. Then you guys are all cool on an island together sipping some champagne while you’re sitting on millions of dollars. That’s the truth!”

While all of this is just a prediction made by Adin Ross, we cannot say for sure what will happen in the actual fight. Both Logan and KSI are experienced fighters and influencers faking drama to drive up sales is nothing new. As the fight nears, let’s hold our horses till a few days to find out whether Ross has hit the jackpot with his hot take.

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