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The Digital Transformation Taking Place in the Casino Industry

Although there are few industries that have been left untouched by the emergence of the Internet and the digital age we now find ourselves in, some industries and sectors have been more profoundly impacted than others.

This is particularly true for the casino industry, which, over the course of a decade or so, has transitioned from being driven primarily by in-person and physical activity, to one primarily taking place online.

As a sign of just how profound these industry-wide shifts have been, the global online gambling sector is expected to hit a compounding annual growth rate of around 11.7% over the next few years. This will see the total market size for the online gambling sector grow from around $63.53 billion to almost double that figure! 

This is a truly staggering level of growth and one that has remained steady despite the various economic challenges that many in the economy have faced over the last number of years. And whilst there are a number of contributing factors that we might point to for the reasons behind this, there is no avoiding the fact that the emergence of online and digital technologies has been the primary driver of this growth.

But what are some of the ways that the casino industry has been transformed by online and digital technologies, and what might the future of the sector look like?

Casinos Gone Mobile

One of the most obvious ways that digital technologies have helped to transform the casino sector is the rise of mobile gaming.

Although for much of its history the casino sector was primarily driven by in-person interactions in dedicated gaming spaces, this is no longer the case. And nowadays, the biggest growth in the sector is with mobile casino games that are played entirely on the go.

This has been facilitated by the rise of powerful mobile devices and fast mobile Internet, which has made playing your favorite casino games on the go incredibly easy. In this environment, platforms such as Comeon Casino Ontario have thrived thanks to their strong mobile offerings.

This shift has profoundly transformed what the casino sector looks like, with the majority of casino fans around the world today having more than likely never set foot inside an actual casino!

Cryptocurrency and the Transformation of Digital Payments

Another way that digital technologies have transformed the casino sector is in relation to the payment systems that many online casinos rely on.

The rise of cryptocurrencies over the last decade has offered online casinos a new way to process payments that exist almost entirely outside the conventional banking system.

Cryptocurrencies are perfect for the online casino environment as they can be processed pretty much instantly, and they offer a high level of anonymity and security compared to traditional payment systems. These benefits were identified by key players in the casino sector early on⎯they were some of the earliest adopters of this revolutionary technology.

The success of cryptocurrencies in the casino sector means that many players now more readily associate Bitcoin and Ethereum with casinos than they do traditional poker chips!

Safer Gaming Experiences

In addition to enhancing player enjoyment of casino games, digital technologies have also helped make casinos much safer spaces. This is something that has become particularly important as the risks of cyber-attacks and cybercrime have continued to increase over the last number of years.

Online casinos rely on a wide suite of digital technologies to keep players safe, which includes advanced security protocols, identity verification processes, and secure payment systems. These have all reduced the many risks associated with playing in traditional land-based casinos.

Making Casinos More Social

Although casinos have always been inherently social spaces, where much of the enjoyment comes from playing in the company of close friends, this characteristic of casinos has been significantly enhanced in the digital age.

Platform operators in the online casino space have been quick to leverage the power of social media to enhance the playing experience. This has included not only advertising on social media platforms to increase the reach of their marketing campaigns but also integrating social media platforms into the games themselves!
Social media technologies such as live Twitch streaming, social sharing, polls, media sharing, and community groups have also enhanced the playing experience, which has helped to amplify the inherently social aspects of casino games. And in this way, the rise of social media has helped to transform the casino sector!

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David Wojnicki
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