YellOwStaR departs from fnatic

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There has been a numerous amount of swaping being done at the fnatic HQ at te League of Legends roster and it has led to loads of queries, questions and development of doubtful competence in the organization’s roster. And one more blow to the team as YellOwStaR departs.


As reported by the content head of fnatic, ‘Shouren’ Craig Ting, Bora had his priorities set to a new level of experiences and tryouts in certain fresh fields and fnatic wouldn’t resist individuals to be in the organization unwillingly. He added:

As the in-game corner stone of the 2015 team, and Fnatic brand ambassador at large, we were looking at the prospect to have YellOwStaR within our organisation for many more years, not just as a player but as core member of the Fnatic organization. As our discussions continued, it became apparent that desires for different experiences and new challenges were very high on his list of priorities. Even though our offer remained higher than others and included more long term ways to be rewarded, YellOwStaR valued challenging himself and experiencing new things above all else, and we understand and respect his decision to head abroad.

YellOwStaR’s spent five years playing in the European League of Legends scene and the majority of his career flying fnatic’s flag. He’s now chosen to experience a new environment and culture outside of the EU LCS in Berlin and his homeland of France, where he’s lived and gamed for many years, even before his League career.

Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim’s comment on the departure made it very clear that is was pre-determined and he had the plans to try a new set of experiments in his future course of the eSports career. His full statement on the announcement as follows:

Starting today, I will no longer be part of Fnatic.
My Esports journey as a real professional player all started in 2013. It was a tough choice, a huge turn in my life to finally decide to quit university to take a lifetime opportunity to experience this amazing path and get to work with awesome people. In the first place, I want to thank the 2013 League of Legends’ roster for choosing me over other players. I was joining the biggest European team and with such players, it is hard to show that you are the missing piece of the puzzle, to gain the trust from your teammates, staff and the fans. It was with a lot of pressure that I accepted to face this challenge.

Three years passed by, and i can tell you that we tried our very best every day, every minute of the time we had in front of us to train and play. I’m incredibly proud of this 5 EU LCS titles we grabbed out of 6 possible, without missing these both Top 3/4 at Worlds 2013 & 2015 !
To speak out the truth, I had a bit of a shaky year earlier this season. Being left alone in the team was not an easy task to handle, either for me of the Fnatic management, and i had a lot of thoughts about whether retiring or not. I almost gave up, i have to admit. Imagine yourself in front of the Everest mountains that you have to climb in a very short period of time, with a huge storm approaching, and you get an image of what was ahead of us. The fact is that in my inner self, i couldn’t accept to jump out from a tough situation. Fnatic gave me so much, you guys gave me so much with your support, that I had to get this team back on track.

Being grateful and loyal is a part of me, and that was the least I could do.

Here we are today: Huni & ReignOver left the team, leaving me again in a difficult position : either building a new team or considering other options. It’s never a good thing to hear, but after careful overall reflection, I had the opportunity to join a team being at my best level in North America and get the chance to experience a new lifestyle and environment.

After a careful overall reflection, i took the decision to join the North American LCS for the 2016 season.

Finally, I honestly want to thank everyone that I met and got to work with, from teammates to people involved in the Fnatic organization and all the fans that supported me throughout the years.

I hope that you will understand my decision and will continue to support me in my career!

Sincerely yours,

Bora “YellowStar” Kim

As of now fnatic doesn’t have a complete roster and they are subsequently looking forward to assign a couple of new players so as to compete in the upcoming tournaments.



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