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Xbox Game Pass July 2022 Free Games

Xbox Game Pass comes with plethora of benefits, while you get to try a lot of games under its umbrella without having to pay a lump sum, you also get some additional games for free every month. As we walk into the July of 2022, here are some free games that will come with the pass.

While some small players in the industry leave the association with the pass, there are some big names that will make its way into the vacant slots in July.

Here is the full Xbox Game Pass July 2022 free games lineup as it stands right now.


Let’s get into it. Here are the Xbox Game Pass July 2022 free games as the list currently stands:

  • Far Cry 5 – July 1 (Console, PC, Cloud)
  • Last Call: BBS – July 5 (PC)
  • Matchpoint: Tennis Championships – July 7 (Console, TBA)
  • As Dusk Falls – July 19 (Console, PC, Cloud)
  • Immortality – July 26 – (Console, PC)

Far Cry 5 is the biggest name in the pack and rightfully so. It is something everyone would like to get their hands on. While it is quite lengthy, so a month will be enough to complete it at a leisurely pace.

Only 3 days into the month and we have 5 new games, more to make its way soon.


Sad to see but these are the game many can live without:

  • Atomicrops – July 15 (Console, PC)
  • Carrion – July 15 (Console, PC)
  • Children of Morta – July 15 (Console, PC)
  • Cris Tales – July 15 (Console, PC)
  • Lethal League Blaze (Console, PC)

While many games are leaving in July, there aren’t too many gamers who will be sad about it. With games like Far Cry 5 coming in, the Pass will attract more attention, ultimately leading to more exciting games making their way into the jam.

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