World Cyber Arena announces Asia-Pacific qualifiers for LAN finals

The World Cyber Arena has announced the Asia-Pacific qualifiers for the WCA 2016 finals which are taking place this December.

After the reveal of the WCA 2016 Finals and its Chinese qualifier, the organizers of one of the biggest events in the region have unveiled information about the qualifiers for Asian and Oceanic teams. The qualifier will begin online until the final four teams head to the finals to fight it out at LAN for their spots.


Twelve invited teams from Asia and Oceania have been split into four groups, each one featuring a high seeded team with two low seeded teams. The low seeded squads will play an online B03 to decide which team will advance to face the high seeded of their group. The last match will decide the winner of the group, and decide who will advance to the next stage. The online groups can be found below.

Group A: TheMongolZ, dream[s]cape, xqr
Group B: Immunity*, inchk1ng, nxl
Group C: MVP. Karnal*, threats, DeTonator
Group D: MVP Projekt*, Mikeski, Signature

India didn’t get a slot in the open qualifiers even though the region was Asia-Pacific, we have reached out to the organizers of the event to respond of the same, will be updating the article once hearing back from them. The winners of the groups will advance to the LAN finals in Beijing, China for the 2016 WCA APAC division, which will take place from May 19-21. The two finalists of the tournament will qualify for WCA 2016 which features a $200,000 prize pool.