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Winners Crowned at Esportz Premier Series Grand Finale

The Third Edition of the Esportz Premier Series Grand Finale, a culmination of India’s Yearlong Esports Championship, took place on 19th and 20th January. This event was the First LAN event of India in 2024, transforming the NESCO Center in Mumbai into a hub of digital competition, technological innovation, and rhythmic beats. Promising a unique blend of LAN, EXPO, and Music, the spectacle not only delivered on its pledge but exceeded expectations, featuring a massive cumulative prize pool of Rs 35 lakh.

Esportz Premier Series Grand Finale: Results

Following are the results of all titles featured in the Esportz Premier Series Grand Finale:

Counter Strike 2:

The Counter Strike 2 Grand Finals witnessed a clash between Gods Reign and Enigma Gaming. The intensity of the battle matched the scale of the Rs 4 lakh prize pool, with Enigma Gaming emerging victorious and claiming Rs 2.5 lakh as their well-deserved reward. 

Free Fire MAX:

In Free Fire MAX, 12 teams fought their way through qualifiers to reach the grand finals. In the highly-anticipated Grand Finals, the teams fought in 10 matches. The event boasted a Rs 6 lakh prize pool, with Head Hunters emerging as the champions. On the other hand, Orangutan secured the runner-up position. 

Pokémon Unite:

Team Anti-RR clashed with Team Random in the Pokémon Unite tournament. With exceptional skills and impeccable teamwork, Team Random emerged victorious in this battle.

EA FC 24:

The EA FC 24 Grand Finals saw a face-off between Indian esports legends Saransh Jain and Charanjot Singh. The intense match unfolded in the virtual football ground, and in the end, it was Charanjot Singh who stood triumphant.

Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC):

InAssetto Corsa Competizione featured 10 players competing against each other in a racing simulator. The precision and skill displayed were extraordinary, and Davlish Singh emerged as the champion.

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