“Will sort out with Ubisoft later”: Luminosity says on Twitter, committing payments of overdue prizes

In a bold statement or order and discipline, Luminosity Gaming in a response to a Tweet by their former RS6 player announced that they will release the payments of a supposedly conducted event by Ubisoft.

The North American squad also confirms that Ubisoft hasn’t yet responded to their queries, but they’ll release the payment and will ‘sort out with Ubisoft later.’

The controversy erupted at the beginning of this week when ex-Luminosity Rainbow Six Siege player “Factor” accused the organization of withholding their payments. Abdullah ‘Factor’ Rihan called out the Luminosity Gaming on Twitter by saying how it was unethical of the management to not clear the overdue which has been already delayed by months.


Abdullah was referring to the North American RS6 Pro League Season 11 event which was re-organized by Ubisoft keeping in mind how the global pandemic. According to the restructed norms, the prize money of the event, which was cancelled, was to be distributed among the teams on the basis of their then standings. A New format was revealed by Ubisoft.

Following the drama, Factor for the first time had publicly mentioned his displeasure over non-payment of dues by the organization. Luminosity, on the other hand, responded to the Tweet with a reasonable explanation. They mentioned, as per the contract, they’re liable to pay the players only after Ubisoft releases the money to the organization.

Luminosity announced on the social networking site that they’ll pay the players the money and communicate with Ubisoft later.

The North American Rainbow Six Siege APAC Lan Finals, Season 11, was scheduled in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Which, on account of the COVID-19 restrictions was explicitly canceled. Luminosity Gaming, one of the teams in the standings, had a rather unpleasant experience in the following months among their team members, which was revealed in a TwitLonger update.