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Why there will be no Wings Gaming at The International 7

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Wings Gaming which was formed in August 2014 after The International 2014 by a group of Chinese pub stars alongside ex-Speed Gaming member y’, bLink, Faith_bian and jdh and disbanded quite a few times. Wings Gaming at The International 7 will not be precisely relevant; And will be the first team to ever disband after winning TI!

Wings Gaming Company according to the Weibo post (Chinese Equivalent of Facebook), failed to recover through their League of Legends franchise. This ultimately cost the organization around $3 Million is total. To cover up from the loss, the organization were forced seek alternative measures.According to Reddit comment; the organization was demanding a 40% cut from the team winnings which eventually saw the entire Dota 2 roster leaving and forming a new team with the same roster under the banner of Team Random.

Wings Gaming at The International 7

Chinese question and answer website Zhihu stated Anna Zhang, an employee of Wings Gaming on her view on the rumors around misconduct leading to the team disbanding. While Anna was quick to point out that both sides were at fault and each involved person would have their own view of what went wrong behind the scenes, she did thoroughly deny the rumor that management took 40% of The International 6 prize pool.

Zhang put the number at 20% and said the other 80% is paid directly into the player’s accounts.

Wings Gaming at The International 7

There was a speculation that the organization sold the players is also in doubt with Zhang saying that Team Random, the team name that the former Wings players now play under, is not owned by any new organization. She explained that the players independently made this team continue competing for fans.

After Team Random failed to get through the lower brackets of the Kiev Major.There are speculations that they have disbanded or as some sources say they are taking a much-needed break. Either way, they will not be participating in The International 7 a first for defending champions and their direct invite slot will probably allot to another hopeful team.

These situations closely mirror the organizational mismanagement the drama that Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao’s after writing a lengthy blog about Team Secret’s management failings. “EternaLEnVy” then set up his own organization under the name Team NP and is the owner and captain of the team.

According to EternaLEnvy many players simply do not know how exploited they are from their management because they are, at the end of the day, just kids who are good at video games. We’ve complied a list of qualifiers and a viewer’s guide for you all to follow up with the tournament, head over to the guide!

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