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Why was HasanAbi banned from Twitch?

HasanAbi Ban: One of the most controversial yet unique Twitch streamers “HasanAbi” Pike has been banned from the Amazon-owned streaming service for a 48-hour period which he has disclosed on Twitter.

For those unaware, HasanAbi is a political Twitch streamer who discusses political, geo-political, historic and several communal topics with his audience. At times, his opinions and ideologies got him into trouble with viewers sharing a different opinion.

According to him, the ban was nothing but a copy strike from Censored.tv. A platform that specializes in the promotion of free speech and anti-censorship laws. He was banned from trying to cover an event while commentating on its proceedings.

HasanAbi Twitch Ban

Over on Twitter, he explained that the CTO of the platform that promotes free speech has himself issued the ban on his channel personally. “lmao the free speech defenders own CTO himself issued the takedown (just for my channel btw)” he wrote on Twitter.

Censored.TVs ideologies align with HasanAbi so it is strange and weird at the same time to see the advocates of free speech take down someone trying to promote the same. While he enjoys his 48 hours ban from streaming on Twitch, Censored.tv continued the Georgia Runoff Senate race on December 6 2022.

The community further picked on the point that he alone had to face the penalty for unauthorized streaming of Censored.tv’s content, however, Asmongold who did the same walked away without any consequences.

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