Which Country Has the Highest Number of Global Elites in CSGO?

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Global Elite is the highest rank achievable in the competitive spectrum of CSGO. Needless to say, only the most skilled players have what it takes to attain this rank. Not to mention the countless hours of practice they have to regularly put in to maintain this rank.

Ever wondered which country boasts the highest number of global elites in the world? It seems like we now have an answer.

A new study conducted by Leetify has revealed the number of Global Elites per million population of the countries across Europe.

The list is topped by Finland with a whopping 3,362 Global Elites per million citizens trailed by Estonia at #2 with 2,046 players. Denmark follows closely behind with 1,867 Global Elites.

Here’s a Reddit thread with the detailed statistics of Global Elites per million population in European countries (some non-European countries have been included as well for reference.)

According to Leetify, they have collected this data from over 7 million matchmaking games that they analyzed. They have also revealed that about 1.04% of all players are Global Elites, which is quite surprising in itself.

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