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What is Valorant Hot Mic Bug?

The Valorant community has recently been buzzing with amusement over a newly discovered bug in the game. This bug, which is being called the ‘hot mic bug’ by the community, has managed to simultaneously disrupt friendships while also igniting fits of uncontrollable laughter among Valorant players worldwide.

In case you haven’t encountered this bug in your games yet, the hot mic bug in Valorant makes you unintentionally eavesdrop on your teammates’ conversations that are happening outside of the game.

How Does The Valorant Hot Mic Bug Work?

Usually, in Valorant, players rely on a designated push-to-talk (PTT) key [default: V] to communicate with their teammates through the game’s voice chat. However, this new hot mic bug has been causing players’ microphones to inexplicably switch on by default. To put it simply, once you press your PTT key, you’ll have to press it again to turn your microphone off.

In the heat of battle, it can be quite difficult to notice that your mic is toggled on by default, which is why this hot mic glitch has managed to take the community by surprise, leading to unintended and often hilarious consequences during gameplay.

Over the past few days, there have been several instances of prominent Valorant streamers encountering the hot mic bug. Twitch streamer ‘tokibbi’ has shared one of her clips where she faced the hot mic bug on her Twitter handle. In the clip, we can see her talk about her haircut to her Twitch chat without knowing that her teammates were also able to hear her conversation.

When her teammates pointed out that she was on mic, she attempted to cover up the situation by claiming that she was talking to her sister on Facetime.

While a significant number of Valorant players have been urging Riot to address and resolve this issue, there is also a segment of the community that holds contrasting opinions due to the sheer hilarity brought about by this glitch.

“The Valorant hot mic should be a feature to be honest,” popular Valorant streamer and content creator WestJett said in a Tweet. “Helps you realize who the two face motherf***ers are. I got more respect for the toxic and proud types than the nerds who just shit talk with their duo in call.”

At the time of writing, Riot Games hasn’t shipped a fix for the hot mic bug in Valorant.

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