What Is Ohio joke on TikTok?

There has been a sudden rise in puns and trolls directed towards America’s state Ohio in TikTok that has left everyone confused, in this article, we unravel the mystery and origin of this weird trend.

In recent times, especially on TikTok, it is difficult to not have come across “Only in Ohio” memes and videos. Having originated in TikTok in the last few weeks, said memes and videos have made it outside of TikTok into other platforms like reddit and Facebook.

The sudden rise of “Only in Ohio” memes has given rise to the question in the minds of many for obvious reasons. This begs the question, where did it come from and how did it originate:

What is TikTok’s Ohio joke?

As “Know Your Meme” describes it, despite the recent increase in its use, it is an age old meme hailing from Tumblr. Having originated back in 2015, a user who went by the name screenshotofdespair posted a photo that showed “Ohio will be eliminated” written. This has been widely accepted as the origin point of the meme.

The top comment on the post was “Only in Ohio” and it soon became a meme as time passed. That showed bizarre incidents happening across the world and somehow tie it to Ohio that suggests suggesting incidents are restricted to Ohio in an ironic way.

The meme since then has surfaced again and is trending once again on TikTok, Instagram, and Reddit.

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