What Does Casino Gaming Need To Do To Become An Esport?

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Without a specific definition for what constitutes a sport, there is continuous debate around which activities deserve sport status. Recently, previously rebuffed activities have entered the mainstream sporting world and consolidated their position as recognised sports. 

For example, BMX and skateboarding, previously disregarded as merely being a pastime of bored adolescents, are now legitimate Olympic events. A similar pattern has been seen in esports, with the term expanding to include less conventional means of competitive gaming. 

Although dominated by conventional PC and console games, mobile and virtual reality are recent newcomers to esports. Despite originally being seen as a casual pastime, professional mobile players and events are now extremely prominent. 

Virtual reality is another example, being limited by basic game choice whilst still establishing itself in mainstream esports. 

Casino gaming is the latest newcomer hoping to make a foray into the industry. Below, some of the fundamentals of esports are detailed as well as what casino gaming must do to be successful. 


A strong emphasis on competitiveness is esports’ foundation and most integral element. This usually takes the form of opposing teams, whether groups or individuals, competing to become the sole winner.

Many follow a similar structure to that of tennis, with teams playing each multiple times. There is usually a threshold number of victories needed to win overall, such as best of three or five. 

In games where players compete individually rather than as part of a team, the battle royale format is most common. During this format, players must eliminate each other until the sole victor remains.

Which Games Don’t Quality As Esports?

Much like conventional sports, it’s the fierce contest between the world’s best that offers the most entertainment value for spectators. There must also be a fair and quantifiable scoring system, a feature not seen in most popular sandbox games. 

Consequently, immensely successful games such as Minecraft and World of Warcraft lack the fundamentals and are omitted from mainstream esports.

Minecraft is hindered by very basic player vs player (PvP) combat which makes competitions unexciting for spectators. Although custom game modes that emphasise the competitive elements exist, they don’t compare to games developed to emphasise competition.  

World of Warcraft focuses more on the acquisition of loot over complex combat mechanics, also lacking detailed PvP. Instead, during tournaments, players fight the same AI enemies against the clock, with the fastest team winning.


Games can only exist successfully as an esport if they can captivate a core viewership. The popularity of the world’s top esports attracts millions of viewers globally as well thousands packed into venues watching live. 

Focus on Player’s Ability

Much like conventional sports, the most successful esports video games accentuate player skill over luck elements. Some degree of luck is welcome to add unpredictability, such as a random yet decisive critical strike. 

Most conventional sports also have elements of luck that can be exciting and influence the final result. 

However, too much inherent luck is unfair for players and uninteresting for viewers. The most skilled players should generally be the most successful regardless of the luck elements beyond their control. 

Games such as Fortnite have come under scrutiny for the prominent luck aspects of their game. Random loot is scattered across the floor and players can exceed their skill level solely due to fortunate item finds. 

The most successful esports games are easy to learn but difficult to master. A high skill ceiling should exist that only allows elite players to master the game to a professional level. 

What Does Casino Gaming Need to do to Become an Esport

Despite being extremely different from conventional esport games, casino games share some similar traits. The aforementioned popularity and core player base is undeniably very prominent in casino gaming and give it a great foundation. 

Online casino gaming is a favorite internet pastime with slots being particularly popular. Sites such as Rainbow Riches Casino are brimming with various some of the latest and most engaging slot games. 

Live casino gaming has also seen a recent spike in popularity and is becoming the preferred method of play for many. This allows players to interact with each other and desire to win more than others at the table adding competitiveness. 

Furthermore, many people enjoy watching others play at the table even if they are not participating themselves. In this sense, it isn’t too dissimilar to how viewers watch live streams of esports.

Despite the heavy emphasis on luck that is inherent in casino games, there is some legitimate skill involved too. Card counting is a common tactic that gives the player an inclination of the dealer’s advantage. 

This is a common strategy in both blackjack and especially poker. This, along with the ability to bluff, gives poker the best chance of infiltrating competitive esports. 


Although casino gaming fills some of the esports criteria in terms of marketability and popularity, it’s missing vital elements. Most prominently, the outcome of games is too heavily reliant on luck elements that are beyond the player’s control.

However, in its infancy, esports itself was also disregarded as having little validity as a form of sport. It has since grown into a billion-dollar industry that attracts hugely lucrative sponsorship deals. 

Many new activities have won status as viable, legitimate sports and soon casino games could do the same in the world of esports.