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What are hoss bot accounts on Twitch?

Following the hate raid drama, problems can’t seem to go away from Twitch, with hoss bot accounts that are getting hold of users’ IP addresses.

Accounts that look fishy, to say the least, with “hoss” followed by a random number and alphabets are following streamers for quite some time now, but they are not your usual follow bots. According to reports, these bots are capable of getting hold of user’s IP addresses if their profiles are visited, thus presenting a massive security loophole.

Reports of the existence of such a follow bot came for the first time about a month ago, and users reported it’s capacity to get hold of IP addresses which has greater implications on your security on Amazon’s Gaming Platform.

“When I checked out their channel, they happened to be live but on their description, they have something that was grabbing the IP of people that were watching their stream.” said a user.

Twitch is aware of the situation and is probably working to find a way around this annoying new breed of follow bots. Until the issue is fixed, our advice to the readers would be to avoid visiting any suspicious accounts until Twitch fixes it for good.

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