On the last day of the group stage, we say teams from groups E-H who fought to decide the last eight teams for the round of 16.

In Group E, Windigo and Fnatic made it through to the playoffs stage over the Spaniards from Movistar Riders. The Spanish team suffered defeat from Windigo who beat them 2-0 on Train and Mirage. The favorites, Fnatic drew both their series 1-1 and made it to the playoffs securing the second seed in the group.

Over in Group F, Team Russia secured the first seed backed by victories against WARDELL N Friends and Imperial, with outstanding performances by Boombl4. The second seed went to Panda who sealed their spot after an upset over Russia, taking the series with a score line of 2-0

In Group G, we witnessed Ukraine and TNC making to the top 16. Ukraine made it following a 2-0 victory over TNC and a tie against local favorites 5POWER. TNC thrashed Enzo in two maps with the same scoreline of 16-6 and a tie with 5POWER which sealed their playoff berth.

Lastly, in Group H, Alpha Red were the dark horse of the group and secured the first seed with two victoires and one draw. The last slot went to Viva Algeria who took the slot after a 2-0 Victory over Chiefs

The list of teams for the top 16 is:

  1. [flag=fr] G2 Esports
  2. [flag=us] Singularity
  3. [flag=rs] Valiance
  4. [flag=dk] OpTic
  5. [flag=br] MIBR
  6. [flag=pl] AGO
  7. [flag=jp] Absolute
  8. [flag=ar] Furious
  9. [flag=bg] Windigo
  10. [flag=se] fnatic
  11. [flag=ru] Russia
  12. [flag=cn] Panda
  13. [flag=ua] Ukraine
  14. [flag=ph] TNC
  15. [flag=dz] Viva Algeria
  16. [flag=th] Alpha Red
Photo: HLTV