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As reported by IGN, FaZe Clan is all set to follow an exit from the very controversial organization, World Esports Association – WESA. The exit comes after the team was forced to sign an agreement of exclusivity which would bar them from participating else where, hence the exit.

What more shocking is, the organization which took a bold turn and played against the odds were reportedly fined $50,000 for penalties as they didn’t show consent towards WESA.

World Esports Association

FaZe Clan was among the several other top tier organizations who were being called as the founding members of the World Esports Association. The coming week, FaZe would officially affirm their departure after confirming the same with WESA acting commissioner, Petro Fringuelli. This comes after ESL, the brainchild being WESA was forcing organizations to sign up the exclusive agreements before FaZe showed disagreements.

From Reddit community even, things weren’t looking stronger from the very beginning, they were raised eyebrows ever since the WESA launch prototype image was reportedly leaked. The question however remains about the remaining members of the association on how they will be moving ahead with this exclusivity if the reports are meant to be true.