Photo: HLTV

Virtus.Pro is an organization which has a profound history with Counter-Strike. The organization had grabbed ESL One: Katowice 2014 Major, however, the present lineup is extensively different. And recently, their lineup lost to Team STEPx in the open qualifier itself.

Yes, you heard it right! Virtus.Pro was shown the exit door in the Third Open Qualifier for the Europe Minor. However, they still have a little hope because they can reach Europe Minor through the Fourth Open Qualifier. However, it is still a major embarrassment for the Poles and even if they qualify for Europe Minor, will they sustain any further?

Team STEPx defeated Virtus.Pro 19-16 in the overtime. Tobiz, one of the player on the bottom of the scoreboard for the Danes was facing internet issues. Casper ‘casper’ Anderson further shed some light on Virtus.Pro’s fiasco and his teammates’ suffering internet on Reddit. “Just to clarify what happened so people dont think it was a full 4v5.”

“He (Tobiz) dropped at the 8-7 half, where we and VP took technical (timeout) to wait for his internet to come back on. He joined once and dropped weapons but otherwise, we managed to get to overtime 4v5 as CT. In overtime, he played with us,” further added the top fragger for Team STEPx.

Virtus.Pro seems to be in deep trouble. Their CS:GO lineup is plagued with inconsistency and poor results. Further, the Poles have stopped receiving an invite for premier events. It is quite overwhelming to witness Janusz ‘Snax’ Pogorzelski losing in open qualifiers. He is a beast on the server with gifted raw skills and commendable game sense.


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