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Vietnam to have $500K prize pool for PUBG Mobile Esports 2021 season

Vietnam gets a big boost in PUBG Mobile ecosystem as the region will receive a combined prize pool of 11.5 Billion Vietnamese Dong.

PUBG Mobile Esports has been making exponential growth in the last couple of years. Starting with smaller events, the scale of tournaments have risen to new levels and each region is improving on their own.

Vietnam has announced that the total PUBG Mobile Esports prize pool will be 11.5 Billion Vietnamese Dong for the upcoming year.

PUBG Mobile is quite popular in the world of mobile gaming and several regions are at the forefront of it. The growth in global tournaments has been remarkabale but for the regions like Japan, China or even Vietnam, the league structure is quite different.

As the publishers vary for these regions, the powerhouses from these regions are only seen on the global stages and their regional tournaments follow a different format.

Japan has already made a huge move in their upcoming leagues and launched a two-year plan to sustain PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem in the country. The PUBG Mobile Japan League 2021-22 will have a prize pool of over $2.8M and a similar trend is now seen for Vietnam.

According to Liquipedia, the prize pool will be 11.5B VND for all the PUBG Mobile tournament combined. This includes several regional tournaments which may or may not fall under the PUBG Mobile esports pyramid. The official tournaments falling in pyramidal structure are mentioned below.

This is a big announcement for PUBG Mobile enthusiasts in Vietnam as the region will receive an excellent support. The previous editions of regional tournaments only had a prize pool of about $50,000 and now, the combined prize pool will be about $600,000 so each tournament will have a slightly higher amount.

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