WingHei “Freeman” Cheung will leave the active lineup of ViCi after the end of IEM Sydney, the player has revealed in his Instagram.

In an Instagram made by the young gun, he states that he will be leaving ViCi to seek new opportunities and not due to difference in the attitude between the teammates. Freeman has been a part of the organisation since 2 years and has attended multiple events and most importantly the IEM Katowice New Challengers Stage, where the team placed 9-11th. In fact, Freeman was the first player from HongKong to ever attend a major following victory over North on Dust 2 and Inferno from the Minor-Play in the tournament.

In his own statement, Freeman said:

“I will leave ViCi after IEM Sydney, reason being I would like to seek for new challenges. Contrary to rumours saying that ViCi kicked me due to toxic behaviours, I am leaving the team on behalf of my own decision instead of getting kicked. Indeed, I used to criticize my teammates back then in the older ViCi lineup, but that’s because I was young and ignorant back then. Ever since the new ViCi lineup, advent and other ViCi members have gave me great guidance, and I’ve also matured. You may ask advent’s opinions on this matter. Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone’s support and especially thank advent and others in ViCi for looking after me these two years. P.S. A photo of advent ?” (translation thanks to u/InXaneGZ. Following this post, Freeman has made his Instagram account private and only select people can view the post

After IEM Sydney, ViCi will be reduced to:

  • Zhuo “advent” Liang
  • WeiJie “zhokiNg” Zhong
  • ZhiHong “aumaN” Liu
  • Andrew “Kaze” Khong

Photo: HLTV