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DRX and T1 Esports Secure Wins in Day 1 of VCT Pacific League 2023

The highly anticipated VCT Pacific League 2023 has kicked off with a bang, and we have our first winners of the tournament, DRX and T1 Esports. DRX faced off against ZETA Division, while T1 Esports battled it out against Global Esports in a thrilling decider. In the end, DRX emerged victorious with a 2-0 win, while T1 Esports secured the series with a 2-1 win.

DRX Dominates ZETA Division in Best-of-Three Series

In the opening match of the VCT Pacific League Week 1 Day 1, DRX faced off against ZETA Division in a studio LAN, best-of-three match. DRX took an early lead, winning the first map, Ascent, with a score of 13-5.

Despite a promising start by ZETA, DRX’s Kim “MaKo” Myeong-kwan and Jung “Foxy9” Jae-sun proved to be too strong, setting the rhythm for the South Korean side. The second map, Pearl, saw DRX completely dominate ZETA, winning with the same score of 13-5. DRX secured a 2-0 win, sending ZETA packing and setting the pace for the tournament.

T1 Esports Battles it Out Against Global Esports

In the second match of the day, T1 Esports took on Global Esports in a best-of-three series. The first map, Pearl, was picked by Global Esports and saw a promising start for T1 Esports, winning with a score of 13-11. However, Global Esports put up a strong fight on the second map, Haven, with Kim “t3xture” Na-ra leading the charge.

Despite a commanding position for Global Esports, T1 Esports managed to fight back and win with a score of 13-4. The final map, Lotus, was a close match, with Global Esports putting up a fight but ultimately losing with a score of 13-7. T1 Esports secured the series win with a 2-1 score.

Looking Ahead to Week 2 of VCT Pacific League

DRX and T1 Esports have set the pace for the VCT Pacific League, with both teams securing their first series wins. Global Esports put up a good fight against T1 Esports, despite missing some key players due to visa issues, while ZETA Division will need to regroup and work on their strategies before their next match against RRQ. In Week 2, DRX will face off against Global Esports, while Global Esports will take on DRX.

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