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Valve Withdraws Support for CSGO from Today

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been everyone’s favorite first-person shooter for more than a decade and while it was a great game, a string of underlying issues was watering down the experience for players with a new version of the game being the only solution which dropped under the name of CS2.

When CS2 came out, it replaced CSGO on Steam and thereby forced a transition during a period when the freshly minted FPS was riddled with bugs but as time went by and the esports scene for the game switched to it, players were forced to adopt the problematic game. However, Valve was quick to iron out any issue that surfaced and now we can enjoy a fairly stable build of the game.

As we enter the new year with the stable build of CS2, Valve has announced that CSGO will no longer receive any support or updates from the developers.

The last build of CSGO that came out right before CS2 will be the final version of the decade-old game and any form of support from Valve or Steam will be rescinded for the foreseeable future. The player base has completely transitioned into the new game, and they have no reason to allocate resources towards something with no future.

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