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Valve knew about Flusha’s cheating on LAN but never admitted: Na’Vi Legend

Another drama in the csgo community you say? Slurp Slurp


Natus Vincere legend Sergey ‘starix’ Ischuk has sensationally questioned the integrity of Valve and Fnatic star Robin ‘flusha’ Ronquist. The CIS veteran has claimed that Valve hid information of flusha cheating in order to protect their own image in a post on popular Russian platform Vk. One has to keep in consideration that this is starix’s own opinion and that he has not produced any factual evidence of the same as of yet.

However, the integrity of the competitive scene has already come into question after coaches of prominent teams miBr, Heroic and Hard Legion were handed bans for using an exploit to gain crucial information in an unethical manner.

The bug exploit was recently patched by Valve. But, recent exposes have shined light on the coach bug, explaining that it was a part of the game since 2016.

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The bans handed out are for recent infractions and only refer to ESL Pro Tour events, with Valve yet to have their say on the matter. One has to only wonder how deep in the trenches, the csgo scene will fall if experts start observing for the exploit for major games from 2016.

Starix had this to say about the probability of Valve hiding incriminating evidence against Flusha.

“I don’t even want to touch the subject flusha, which in my opinion, was found with LAN cheats by Valve, but the same did not want to officially admit, since he won two Majors and that would end the game – and with herself. I don’t understand Valve’s policy, to take different breaks, since it was the same thing? It doesn’t make sense (laughs) .”

As far as Flusha is concerned, questions on his integrity have long been thrown into the public eye. The Swede has been one of the few players that has constantly been suspected to be cheating by fans and neutrals in the public domain, thanks to his wondrous highlights.

The Natus Vincere legend, who is currently without a team, also highlighted the need to make players culpable in the given scenario, wherein Nicolai ‘HUNDEN’ Peterson and Aleksandr ‘MechanoGun’ Bogatiryev were handed bans.

This follows the same train of thought as many players, pundits and other stakeholders in the csgo community, who have iterated that it was impossible for players to not notice the oddities of a coach’s calls and remain aloof for the extended period when the exploit was used by their coach.

The csgo community cannot seem to be able to catch a break these days. Valorant has started eroding the player base quite a bit, with prominent stars now making the switch. Add to that the coach bug exploit drama and now the resurfacing of the Flusha accusations; it is imperative that Valve now takes major steps towards improving the status of the scene; lest it becomes as deserted up top as the Dota2 scene has become in the recent months.


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