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Valve Faces Backlash Over Staggering Ticket Prices for The International 2023

The anticipation surrounding The International 2023, the apex event on the DOTA 2 calendar, has once again set off a whirlwind of reactions with its recent revelation of ticket prices. As fans gear up for the extravaganza, the announcement of ticket costs has taken center stage, leaving enthusiasts in shock and sparking conversations across various platforms.

On the landmark date of August 19, Valve, the driving force behind DOTA 2, pulled back the curtain to unveil the grand spectacle slated to unfold in Seattle, WA. The bombshell, however, was the ticket prices: a staggering $699 plus additional fees for a three-day pass. This announcement created seismic waves across the landscape of social media, with platforms like Reddit becoming hotbeds of discussions around the matter.

As anticipation reaches a crescendo, mark your calendars for August 25, the date when ticket sales for this highly anticipated event will kick off. The International 2023 is designed around two pivotal phases: The Road to the International and The International itself, promising an immersive experience for attendees.

For the ardent enthusiasts seeking to dive headfirst into the event’s action, the much-coveted three-day pass for The International 2023, hosted at the iconic Climate Pledge Arena, demands a ticket price of $699 plus relevant fees. Conversely, if you’re aiming to catch a glimpse of the competitive fervor, individual tickets for The Road to the International Playoffs are available at a cost of $99 plus fees per ticket.

The ticket price revelation acted as a catalyst, igniting a blaze of emotions within the close-knit Dota 2 community, reminiscent of last year’s uproar. Reddit users swiftly expressed their disbelief, ranging from light-hearted jests to palpable frustration.

At the crux of the vocalized concerns resonates the issue of accessibility and affordability. Dedicated fans who’ve closely followed the evolution of competitive gaming for years now grapple with the notion of investing such a substantial sum for a mere three-day event. The unanticipated financial barrier has momentarily paused the fervor of these avid supporters.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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