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Valve bars CSGO Keys trading citing worldwide financial frauds

The latest CSGO update brought a massive change to the game which makes the new keys untradable among users over at the Steam Community Market.

In the post released by Valve, they pointed out the increase in amount of key purchases across the market and how frauding agencies are using it to liquefy their funds. Putting this out as the main reason for such an update. The post further highlighted that “at this point, nearly all key purchases that end up being traded or sold on the marketplace are believed to be fraud-sourced.”

You can find the full 10/29/2019 update patch notes below:


  • Added restrictions on tradability and marketability of newly purchased case keys, see here for more details.
  • Fixed a client UI issue sometimes displaying CS:GO Weapon Case as genuine quality.


  • Fixed an exploit where players could avoid Danger Zone damage if they had an invalid player name.
  • Once a drone starts self-destructing it can no longer grab cargo.

The above change will only concern the buyers of new keys, the keys already on the market and inventories will remain unaffected by this update. The update also fixes the UI issues and the bug which let players to avoid damage if they had an invalid name.

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